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I got a Trojan, not sure if I got it from DA but I'm going to avoid DA for noww- ffff
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Me and my twin sister LoftyLace have decided to self publish a small compilation book of our sketches and rough works to sell~!

There is about 60 pages in the book, black and white all througout.

It's only $10 per book (shipping not included), and we have a very small amount of books available-

if you are interested in pre-ordering, follow this link!…
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The Legend of Zelda 25th year by kichisuThe Legend of Zelda 25th year by kichisuThe Legend of Zelda 25th year by kichisuThe Legend of Zelda 25th year by kichisuThe Legend of Zelda 25th year by kichisuThe Legend of Zelda 25th year by kichisuThe Legend of Zelda 25th year by kichisuThe Legend of Zelda 25th year by kichisuThe Legend of Zelda 25th year by kichisuThe Legend of Zelda 25th year by kichisuThe Legend of Zelda 25th year by kichisuThe Legend of Zelda 25th year by kichisuThe Legend of Zelda 25th year by kichisu

The Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary collab by fans for fans!
by the amazing
:iconferisae: :iconkichisu: :iconevelmiina: :iconloftylace: :iconzoroko: :iconspheru: :iconsadira-pookie: :iconmonkanponk: :iconswammi: :iconcaelcestis: :icontravale: :iconlarkismyname: :iconlikovacs: :iconshycustis: :iconkarrey: :iconbettykwong: :iconkakimari:
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Cute book is 40 pages of adorable art from 13 talented artists! Even better, most the pieces in the book were made specially for this book, and have yet to be seen anywhere publicly!

Pre-orders are be $14 per book. For more information, or to order, click here!

The contributors:
Shy Custis | Coey Kuhn | Claire Belton | Rachel Britton | Line T. | Renee Britton
Pronounced You | Zook | Jenn Menze | P. Gaither | Kaylee Davis | EikoChan
Eva Vilhelmiina Eskelinen

:iconqueenofdorks: :iconzookero: :iconzoroko: :iconshycustis: :iconcoeykuhn: :iconeiko-chan: :iconloftylace: :iconevelmiina: :iconpronouncedyou::iconqueenofbishies: :iconsoulspoison:
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First off I'd like to thank the two people who gave me a 3 month subscription to Deviantart~! :iconkichisu: :iconhawk-the-falcon:
they received a free sketch for their donation! If anyone else would like to donate there will be more free sketches to be had!

My friends :iconcoeykuhn: and :iconshycustis: are selling an artbook with the theme gore. 50 pages of AWESOME for only $15 USD each ~!! 9 artists in total contributed to the book- go check it out~

*shameless plug:
:star:>>>> <<<<< :star:

Bioshock Stamp by boneworksVintage by HappyStamp
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Will art for DA subscription....hnghh-  ;T
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Anyone here a fan of Blade of the Immortal? If so I have a group you should join (I made it 4 years ago lol)

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Thanks to everyone who left a comment or watched~ I have received such nice compliments, it means a lot to me!  <3<3<3

It was certainly a surprise to wake up one morning and see "congratulations!" comments everywhere. I was so confused! LOL

I'll be updating my page soon hopefully with new art and cosplay, I have a new computer and all I need photoshops!  I'm also looking into Zbrush~  c:
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I took a trip to MicroCenter and picked myself up a computer-

After the poll I was rendered completely confused as to what was good. people saying dells are GOLD and  the DEVIL at the same time, things like that.

For a time I looked at a couple Dell XPS systems.

I decided to pick up an Asus desktop:

Essentio Desktop With Intel Core I7 Processor

the specs seemed perfect with 9gb of RAM, 1TB of harddrive, and the graphics card seemed decent

the only cons i see with it is VISTA, no wireless card, and the power supply might need updated soon.
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(not in any particular order)

studio akuma character poster

coey color collab

shy color collab

Marr art trade

Free sketch Speedlight

Free sketch Rabbit

Gift art Uplaw

Gift art Shad

B-day art for Shy

B-day art for Dreamer

Double meme with Shy

Stickers for Con: Smash bros, L4D and L4D2 planned for now

Movie fanart

portfolio pieces

Design out a nice CSS journal layout

Tegaki rp events
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Heyo, Zo here! Posting this from my friends house <3

(code copy pasted from shy's journal)<3


For a several months now, we've been working on putting together this compilation book, comprised of 15 artists as a showpiece! Finally, it's done and ready for sale!

A handful of the artists I'm sure many of you here on DA will recognize, but there's even more in the book that are talented and much less recognized. We wanted to bring this lot together to display all of their talents, and give the lesser known people a chance to get their work published~

the featured artists are:
ShyCustis | CoeyKuhn | arekudemon | loish | fresh4u | Zoroko | HamletMachine | RJBritton | licchan | soulspoison | mike puncekar | moosekleenex | msh | agentagnes | Gottschalk

BUT the book's a limited edition! only 250 are going to be printed!
55 pages, 8.5" x 11", $40 USD each with $5-$9 shipping! orders will start to be shipped mid next week.

click below to order!

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Hey guys I just want to go ahead and apologize about the free sketches I owe- I will get to them, I have 2 left to go!

Here are the 8 I did so far:

Things to do!

2 free sketches
portfolio pieces
Co B-DAY art
gift arting
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Started uploading the free sketches- I will be getting to the other 6 this weekend at the latest.

On that note I will be using my scraps a lot more, dumping tegakis- and sketches from my watercolor notebook.
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Well I just got home from a weekend at my friends- We finished up Bioshock and I am extreamely pleased, so expect more fanart of that soon. And is monday, time for another long week of work. I will either get to the free sketches this week or I will wait for the weekend and just take a day to crack them all out all at once. Still haven't decided the medium in which to do them- pencil, tegaki, markers....ehh....we shall see!
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stolen WORD for WORD from :iconrabbutt:

The first 10 people who comment on this journal will get a sketch or similar, free. However, in return, you must offer 10 free sketches in your own journal. Why do people care about this? You should be drawing anyway, you lazy contemptuous bastards.

01 - I will NOT draw your request until I see this in your journal. FASCISTS
02 - In your comment, include a link to a reference picture or description of the character you want me to draw.
03 - Only one character per person - remember, this is FREE.
Have fun with this, it's a great way to pass your talents to your fans. (lol fans?)

Once you post just request whatever-  (I won't be here to check on this until later sunday-)

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Goodbye DA subscription~ I knew ye well~
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Life is somewhat good again- mmm~!
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To specify, no I'm not leaving the TF2rp- I am leaving the irc-chat. Whether it's permanent or just for a month or two, not even I can really say-

I voiced my opinion about someone through a private message with someone I felt I could trust- Instead of letting my opinion stay as my opinion the private message conversation got leaked and posted all over a chatroom of people-  Instead of someone  confronting me about what I said in the PM about them, they thought it would be cool to let everyone know how I felt-

So there you go-

I'm not listing names nor am I going to go into extreme detail with what went on. If you want to talk to me just send me a note or e-mail.

Until then- See you guys later. I'll be moding the group away from the chat for the time being. Also I am cleaning up DA- I will be erasing all of my scraps and over half my gallery, same with tegaki- Some of that ugly stuff doesn't need to be seen anymore.
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Well here is the Otakon list, If anyone wants to meet me, or punch me in the stomach- the list below shows what I will be wearing each day and what shoots I will be at or in.  ;D

Friday: Scouts mom

TF2shoot Time: 3:30pm Location: Fountains
Left 4 Dead: Time: 5:00pm Location: Fountains

Saturday: Zora Armor(?)

Attend TF2 shoot: Time: 12:00pm Location: Outside Video-Game Room
ZeldaShoot (?) Time: 2:00pm-
Perhaps just wear Zoey all day and be comfortable? XD

Sunday: Zoey(?)

General Valve Meetup/Shoot- 1:30pm
Wear casual clothes and chill, or just wear Zoey.
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Alright so here is my update regarding my hero garb link- It's just not going to happen. I know I can get it done in time but it's not a costume I want to do that with- it's not something I want to rush on.

So I am contemplating what to wear to Ota-. I was planning on wearing Scout's Mom on Friday, and on Saturday I was thinking of wearing my Minish Cap Link. On Sunday I will wear Zoey or just normal clothes- It depends on how I feel at the time.

Instead of Minish Cap Link I could wear Zora armor again- But I'm not sure if I should...

So who is all going- and what are you wearing? ;D
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